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Like our doughnuts, all of our bagels are handmade from start to finish every single day. From small-batch dough making, to rolling, shaping and boiling, all of our bagels are expertly handled by our bakers.


Launching MUB bagels was a departure from what we normally do (except the shape), and we wanted to make sure we did it right.

We took our time in finding the best and tastiest ingredients from sweet heirloom tomatoes to our delicious spicy salami.

We then worked tirelessly to create, sample and perfect the sandwiches before you today.


We’re very proud of the finished product and know you’d also love what we’ve come up with, so pass on by either one of our shops, any day of the week from 11:00 onwards to try one of our signature bagel sandwiches. 


If you’d like to place a bagel order for yourself, a party or an office lunch, please send us an email to

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